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How to teach a Bible topic

How to teach a Bible topic

Step-by-step instructions on what to do

Students and teacher have a clear, simple objective for the lesson, for example

  • Learn about this person/event in the Bible
  • Ask questions about the meaning of the story

TorahScrollHow do you prepare?

  1. Click on the Home Page link above.
  2. Select someone or some event on the Home Page that you want to know about. Click on the icon for the page you have selected.
  3. Read the material on this page. Visualize yourself telling a brief version of this story to the class. What points would you emphasize? What would interest your students?
  4. Use the Search Icon (a little red circle in the top right-hand corner of the page) to find additional material on this topic.
  5. Read through the steps in the Lesson Outline below. Will you be using computers, or lesson sheets?

What do you do in the classroom?

  1. Briefly tell the story of the person/event you have researched.
  2. Ask students to think of some questions they want to ask about this person or event. Jot them down where students can see them.
  3. Go to the page you wish to study (a printed page from this website, or computer web page). Drop to the bottom of this page, to ‘What the gospels say’. Read the Bible text for this story or event. Does this answer any of their questions? Or raise others?
  4. Ask students to think of some more questions they want to ask about this subject. They should share these questions with a learning partner, and develop a new list of questions.
  5. Read the text of the webpage: does it answer the students’ questions? Do they need to do further research to find out the answers?

If so

  • tell students they are on an answer-finding quest
  • ask students to go back to the Home Page for this site and look at the icons. Are there any related pages there that might help with their questions?
  • or click on the Search box and type in a keyword or phrase for each question.
  • assess the responses.

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