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‘Upon meeting Simon, Jesus takes charge, giving him a new name, Cephas, which means ‘rock’. ‘Peter’ is the masculine variation of the Greek word for ‘rock’ (petra/petros) while Cephas is the equivalent in Aramaic).

The exchange serves to underscore how a person who becomes engaged with Jesus takes on a fresh identity in him. The scene emphasizes the impact of Jesus and his insight as the one who is the anticipated Messiah.

Jesus according to Scripture, Darrell L. Bock, 2002, p.420

Peter exercises much trust in Jesus when the initial request comes to ‘let down your nets.’ Peter, an experienced fisherman, replies that they had tried to make a catch all last evening, when conditions would have been more favorable, but had failed. Nonetheless, Peter gives the order, showing an element of trust in Jesus.

When the catch is overwhelmingly successful, Peter stops what he is doing, falls down before Jesus out of respect, and asks him to leave, saying, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.” Peter’s view was that a sinner never could be so close to someone through whom God obviously was working.

This very humility is what Jesus affirms when he tells Peter not to fear, that “from now on” he will be catching people. It is precisely those who understand their position and who respond in trust whom God can and does use.

Jesus according to Scripture, Darrell L. Bock, 2002, p.107

‘It must be understood that life in the first century was short. It wasn’t unusual if a Jewish man died before he reached the age of thirty. People entered into adulthood at puberty. Jewish females married around thirteen or fourteen years of age, males a little older. In the Greek world, vocational training began in the midteens.

Bible scholar Craig Keener surmises that most of Jesus’ disciples were in their mid-teens. Peter, having a family, may have been older—perhaps eighteen.’


Interestingly not all of Jesus’ disciples left their homes. For instance, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus (who were among Jesus’ closest friends) stayed in Bethany and made their home His home.

Jesus also appeared to have different circles among His disciples. Peter, James, and John enjoyed a more intimate relationship with Jesus. John seems to have been the closest to Him.

Even though Peter is always named first among the Twelve, Jesus was tough on him. The breaking of God is proportionate to the quality of ministry one will have later in life.

This principle emerges in bold relief in the way Jesus trained Peter. Despite the fact that Peter was repeatedly exposed and failed his Lord many times, he was the object of Jesus’ unending love. Even after he denied Jesus three times,” Jesus never mentioned the tragedy after His resurrection. Instead, Jesus gave Peter the opportunity to express his love for Him the same number of times that he denied Him. Then He commissioned him to feed His sheep.

On the day of Pentecost the same man who denied his Lord three times preached the gospel and opened the door of salvation to thousands of Jews. And as he preached, the other disciples stood faithfully by his side.“

In times of failure keep two words in mind: Remember Peter.

Jesus, a Theography, Leonard Sweet, Frank Viola, 2012, p.137, 147.

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