Jesus feeds five thousand

Today the attitude of the majority of men to Christ and His Church varies in different situations –

  • there are places where to be a Christian means the bearing of a real cross of suffering in contempt and isolation
  • but there are also other lands where the Church enjoys great prestige among eager crowds of people.

The testimony of many ministers for instance, in the new housing areas of our own land is that, where an approach is made to men and women in the name of the Gospel of Christ, the crowds will tend to gather with eagerness to be taught and led.

Such popularity may be as superficial as Jesus’ popularity was in His own day. It may be a danger and temptation to the Church. It certainly faces the Church with a real challenge, and in the midst of it, even more than in the midst of unpopularity, the Church needs guidance from Christ as to how to act and shape its policy.

Quoted from The Gospel Miracles, Studies in Matthew, Mark and Luke, Ronald S. Wallace, Oliver & Boyd, 1960, p.89

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