Self-portrait as Christ, Durer    The Life of Jesus Christ
The angel Gabriel at the Annunciation Baby Jesus in swaddling clothes Angels announce the birth of Jesus Three wise men on camels Joseph and the donkey on the way to Egypt Joseph of Nazareth Jesus, Mary and Joseph at the Temple of Jerusalem
of Jesus
The Angel
and Mary
Birth of
& angels
Wise Men
the Magi
Flight to
Joseph of Nazareth The
Lost Boy
Jesus and the Holy Spirit Face of the devil tempting Jesus

Peter, apostle of Jesus of Nazareth

Loaves and fishes  Jesus rejected at Nazareth by the townspeople  Bride at a Middle Eastern wedding Young people and Jesus  
 Baptism Temptation  Peter
1st disciple
Rejection Wedding
at Cana
 Jesus & children  10 Popular
 Good Samaritan, outstretched hand Pilae of gold coins: parable of the foolish rich man The Prodigal Son    The daughter of Jairus  Loaves of bread, parable of the loaves and fishes  Transfiguration: light coming from a cloud
Parable of
the Seeds
The Good
Rich Fool
& fishes
 Entry into Jerusalem by Jesus Christ: palm leaves  Ancient coin with image of the Temple in Jerusalem  The Judas kiss: Jesus betrayed by Judas  Jesus and disciples at the Last Supper  Jesus in the Garden of Olives at Gethsemane  Annas questions Jesus after he is arrested  The trial of Jesus by the High Priest Caiaphas  Peter denies he ever knew the man called Jesus of Nazareth
 Entry into
The Money
by Judas
The Last
of Olives
& Jesus
the Trial
 Jesus appears before Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas  Jesus is scourged and mocked by the soldiers SPQR,sign of the authority of the Senate and People of Rome A woman of Jerusalem grieves for Jesus on the Way of the Cross or Via Dolorosa Jesus is crucified Jesus hangs on the cross Jesus dies, nailed to the cross The dead body of Jesus is buried by his disciples
Herod &
 Scourging  Death
 Way of
the Cross
 Crucifixion Jesus on
the cross
 Jesus dies Burial
of Jesus
 Jesus rises from the dead: the Resurrection  The risen Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene  Peter and John run to the tomb where Jesus was buried  Doubting Thomas puts his fingers into the wound in Jesus' side Jesus appears to disciples at Emmaus

 Choir singing

Woodcut of Mary and baby Jesus
Risen!  Magdalene  Peter
& John
 Emmaus  Maps for
Jesus's life
Traditional Christmas carols
Mosaic floor at Sepphoris near Nazareth Time-line of the Christian era Dandelion with violets Scroll of the gospels An onion: food in ancient Nazareth Nazareth, the village, a reconstruction Smiling boy Women in Nazareth
Ancient Buildings Time-lines About Nazareth Nazareth in the gospels Food in
Nazareth houses Nazareth
Women in Nazareth


Paintings: the Book of Hours


Mary's visitation to Elizabeth

The Nativity

Shepherds at the birth of Jesus

Three Wise Men, the Magi

Presentation in the Temple

Massacre of the Innocents

Flight into Egypt

John Baptist in the wilderness

Baptism of Jesus by John

Execution of John the Baptist

Salome and John the Baptist

Agony in the Garden

Judas betrays Jesus

Jesus judged by Caiaphas

Jesus mocked by the soldiers

Scourged by the soldiers

Jesus before Pontius Pilate

Barabbas or Jesus?

Pontius Pilate washes his hands

The road to Calvary

Jesus nailed to the cross

Jesus given vinegar

Jesus pierced with a spear

Christ dies on the cross

Descent from the cross

The Deposition

Lamentation for the body of Jesus

Jesus placed in his tomb

Soldiers sleep at the tomb of Jesus


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